711.419/95: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Kellogg) to the Secretary of State


77. A note I have just received from the Prime Minister states that to his regret he had misinformed me yesterday in regard to the status of the liquor treaty. He now states that definite assurance has been given Canada that ratification binding on the Dominion will not take place until Canadian Parliament has had opportunity to discuss the matter. In regard to the other Dominions, Imperial Conference decided at its last meeting that each Government will decide whether approval of Parliament or legislation is required before it indicates concurrence in ratification. Prime Minister adds [Page 158] that he has telegraphed Dominion Governments urging as prompt action as possible, and he hopes to have replies immediately.36

  1. The Department was informed on Mar. 15 that the Governments of Australia, Newfoundland, New Zealand, and South Africa had concurred in ratification, and on Apr. 10 that Canada and the Irish Free State had assented (file nos. 711.419/100, 108, and 109).