464.11 W 89/8: Telegram

The Minister in Hungary (Brentano) to the Secretary of State

27. Referring to the Department’s instruction no. 833 of February 1st.25 Minister of Foreign Affairs on behalf of the Government makes the following comments regarding the draft of proposed agreement:

Proposes that since the purpose is identical the text of the introductory paragraph of article 1 be verbally identical with that of corresponding paragraph of the German-American agreement.
Since the provisions of the Treaty of Trianon included in the treaty of peace permit legal claims between nationals of the two countries to be submitted to a tribunal even by a Hungarian, it is suggested but not insisted that a clause be inserted in article 1 conferring exclusive jurisdiction upon the Commissioner so that he alone shall have authority to pass upon claims submitted even by nationals of Hungary and/or Austria against citizens of the [United States?] arising from the peace treaties.
Proposes the inclusion of a clause providing a 6 month’s limit for filing claims.
Considering the depressed economic conditions here the Hungarian Government would consider it only fair that article 5 provide that the expenses be borne one-half by the United States and one-quarter by each of the other countries instead of one-third by each of the three.
As Hungarian laws provide that important international agreements shall be effective only after ratification or after exchange of ratifications the Hungarian Government proposes that article 6 be changed to provide for ratification and exchange of ratifications and that the agreement be effective from say 15 days after or, at the earliest, from the date of exchange of ratifications. Copy to European Information Center.

  1. Not printed; see instruction no. 610, Feb. 1, to the Minister in Austria, p. 142.