463.11 W 891/15: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Austria (Washburn)

20. Your 17, April 3, 7 P.M. Significance of first suggestion of Austrian Government is not clear to Department. It will probably be necessary to await receipt of official communication promised before definitely answering this suggestion. It may be said, however, that purpose of tripartite agreement is to confer on arbitrator authority to determine party which is obligated on any claim presented for adjudication.

Department has no objection to adopting second suggestion of Austrian Government to include provision regarding ratification.

As to third suggestion terms of proposed tripartite agreement clearly indicate that purpose of agreement is to provide means of determining amounts to be paid by Austria and Hungary in satisfaction of their obligations under our treaties of August 24, 1921 with Hungary [Austria] and of August 29, 1921 with Austria [Hungary]. Department considers jurisdiction of arbitrator as defined in proposed agreement to be sufficiently comprehensive to determine amounts due by Austria and Hungary under treaties mentioned. In making suggestion for tripartite agreement United States Government did not contemplate establishment of two tribunals. While Department does not perceive purpose or necessity of enlarging jurisdiction of arbitrator it will be glad to receive and consider concrete suggestion as to language which Austrian Government considers should be employed in amending draft to enlarge jurisdiction.

In order that appropriation for purposes of convention may be obtained before adjournment of Congress it is necessary that convention [Page 147] be signed as soon as possible. Endeavor expedite action and telegraph developments and substance any communication received from Austrian Government.