463.11 W 891/13: Telegram

The Minister in Austria (Washburn) to the Secretary of State

7. Department’s instruction no. 610, February 1st, received yesterday. Had a conference during the day with Dr. Schüller who is [Page 145] charged with negotiations. As a matter of first impressions, I think there will be no objection to tripartite agreement to be signed at Washington and I believe that Judge Parker will be acceptable. Schüller is, however, somewhat concerned over the proposal to make the Austrian Government liable for debts due American citizens by Austrian nationals. He apparently fears that this proposal may bridge over some connection with property of Austrian nationals in the hands of alien property custodian and that foundation is possibly being laid to satisfy judgments out of the proceeds of such property. Since, however, our treaty with Germany contains similar clause, he presumes that provision is working satisfactorily in practice and if Berlin should confirm this, he would personally withdraw all objection to draft as it now stands. I am supplying him with a copy of the draft today and he promises prompt consideration.