The Secretary of State to the British Ambassador (Howard)

Excellency: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of May 3, 1924, in which you refer to this Department’s reply of March 13, 1924, to Mr. Chilton’s note of February 9, 1924, regarding the establishment of a centralizing organ to deal with questions arising out of the liquidation of relief credits granted by certain [Page 134] Allied and Neutral Governments to other Governments in central and eastern Europe and possible participation therein by a representative of the World War Foreign Debt Commission.

Appropriate inquiries have been made in connection with the proposal of His Majesty’s Government and it has been found that it would be impracticable to have a representative of the World War Foreign Debt Commission attend the meetings of the proposed committee. I take pleasure in advising you, however, that if the committee in question should be constituted, the American Ambassador at London will be instructed to keep in close touch with its work. I should be pleased, therefore, to be informed as to the decision that may be finally taken regarding the creation of such a committee and the time and place of its meetings.

Accept [etc.]

Charles E. Hughes