The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Herrick)

No. 869

Sir: With reference to the Department’s instruction No. 792 of December 31, 192333 and to previous correspondence in regard to a monopolistic concession for archaeological exploration in Afghanistan reported to have been granted to Professor Auguste Foucher by the Afghan Government, there is enclosed for your information a copy of a letter received by the Department from the President of the Archaeological Institute of America33 in which he protests on behalf of the Institute and of several of the larger museums of this country against this concession and against a concession for [Page 754] archaeological excavation granted by Albania. A copy of the Department’s reply is likewise enclosed.34

It is desired that you bring the point of view of the Archaeological Institute of America appropriately to the attention of the French Foreign Office, stating that this Government is opposed to the granting of privileges connected with permission to conduct archaeological explorations which would tend to exclude American individuals or societies.

I am [etc.]

Charles E. Hughes
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