890d.01/173: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France ( Herrick )


26. Your telegram 20 of January 16, noon.

On understanding outlined in your telegram Department is willing to proceed to signing of convention regarding mandate for Syria and Lebanon. We understand the proposal to be as follows: The French will write a note confirming the understanding outlined in our telegram 466 of December 17, 1923,8 regarding most-favored-nation treatment and agreeing to grant to the United States the other advantages in Syria and Lebanon mentioned in that telegram with particular respect to consular rights and extradition.
In order to eliminate unnecessary correspondence, as substantial agreement has now been reached, it would facilitate matters if [Page 733] the French would submit to you tentatively in draft form the communication mentioned above for you to telegraph to the Department. In this way the Department could ascertain whether the points which it desires to safeguard are covered satisfactorily.
The Department will promptly send you full powers to sign if the communication from the Foreign Office is satisfactory.