890d.01A71: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Herrick) to the Secretary of State


3. The French Foreign Office does not want to insert in mandate convention mention of our extradition treaty of 19092 … The Foreign Office states that we are fully protected by article 7 of the mandate3

Study is being made of the question of consular conventions. I do not expect there will be any opposition unless there is some special privilege granted in our consular convention of 18534 which the French might have to extend to everyone else if it was mentioned in our convention. I was questioned by Fromageot5 about our convention regarding Palestine and replied that I was uninformed. Fromageot is going to confer with Hurst6 who is coming Sunday for the Claims Commission. I anticipate that I will be informed afterwards that the French are ready to sign our convention.

Do you accept French view on extradition? To me it appears reasonable.

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