839.6463/136: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in the Dominican Republic (Russell)

1. Your 3, January 17, 11 A.M.38 Department considers proposed bond issue should cover provision for issuance of bonds to Santo Domingo Water, Light and Power Company pursuant to obligations [Page 671] of Dominican Government under contract dated June 15, 1923,39 and is advised by A. F. Hunt, Jr., company’s representative, that pursuant to his letter sent June 14, 1923, to Dominican Secretary of the Interior, at the latter’s request, he will recommend to his principals that they furnish sum required for rehabilitation of properties as determined by expert provided in contract, provided Dominican Government shall put in escrow in hands of its fiscal agent under proposed bond issue $951,000 par value of the bonds, with instructions that they be delivered to the order of the Liberty Trust Company of Boston, Massachusetts, simultaneously with the delivery to said fiscal agent by Dwight P. Robinson and Company of certificate contemplated by Article 5th of contract.

Ascertain and telegraph promptly intentions of Dominican Government.

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