The Dominican Chargé ( Ariza ) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: The Government of the Dominican Republic has decided to make a short term loan in the sum of $2,500,000,23 secured by $3,300,000 of the Dominican 5½ percent loan of 1922 bonds which have not been used.

This money was deemed to be necessary to continue the public works for the development of the natural resources of the country and to meet urgent needs of the Government. The Dominican Government has already approved the loan and negotiations are on foot with Messrs. Lee, Higginson and Company, who appear to be inclined to supply the funds; but before carrying on the negotiations I should like to know whether this loan would also meet with the approval of the Government of the United States.

I avail myself [etc.]

J. C. Ariza
  1. Authorized July 25, 1924 (Gaceta Oficial No. 3562); authorization amended by resolution of the Dominican Congress on Sept. 4, 1924 (Gaceta Oficial No. 3574).