839.00/2814: Telegram

The Commissioner in the Dominican Republic (Welles) to the Secretary of State

23. I have just been advised that the Navy Department is relieving General Lee, present Military Governor, and that General Cole will arrive here to replace him before April 15th. General Lee has been Military Governor since the installation of the Provisional Government and has done most effective work in maintaining cordial relations between the Provisional Government and the Military Government. From present indications I believe that the newly elected Constitutional Government will be installed by July 1st. Under these circumstances it appears to me that the appointment of a new Military Governor at this time may be misinterpreted and also that the appointment of a new Military Governor unfamiliar with local conditions is prejudicial to the satisfactory completion of the carrying out of the Plan of Evacuation. I hope the Department may feel disposed to request Navy Department not to make any change in the Military Government during the short period that remains before evacuation takes place.