511.4 A 2/179: Telegram

The Consul at Geneva ( Tuck ) to the Secretary of State

From Porter. All the American suggestions except chapter 2 have been presented and referred to committees. Article 1 was objected to by India as being outside the call of the conference but on vote of the conference the objection of India was overruled.

When the agenda of the conference was adopted American delegation reserved the right to move to amend it in case no agreement or an unsatisfactory agreement was reached by the first conference. As the first conference has not yet formally concluded its labors or definitely adopted an agreement the American delegation has [Page 116] not so far presented its suggestion for the carrying out of chapter 2 of the Hague Convention. I understand however that the first conference has confessed itself unable to set any date for the eventual suppression of the use of prepared opium. I further understand that the British and Japanese have reached an agreement in regard to the transit of opium through Hong Kong.

It seems probable that the second conference will not conclude its labors before the 15th or 20th of December.