839.00/2782: Telegram

The Commissioner in the Dominican Republic (Welles) to the Secretary of State

2. As the result of repeated suggestions on my part General Vasquez and Señor Peynado, the two Presidential candidates, published, yesterday official statements in which each declared that, should he be elected President of the Republic in the coming elections, hewould maintain the Policia Nacional Dominicana upon the same basis as that which now exists; that it would be kept free from politics; that no appointments would be made except in accordance with the present regulations of the force; and that no promotions would be [made] except by merit. Finally, that the strict impartiality of the Policia Nacional would be considered an essential safeguard of the Republic.

These declarations which I consider of great importance provide a definite guarantee that public order will be maintained after the Occupation is terminated by a well-drilled nonpolitical force. Both candidates have declared confidentially to me that they will request the United States Government to continue American officers here as instructors of the Policia Nacional after the evacuation takes place.