393.1123 Reimert, William A.: Telegram

The Minister in China ( Schurman ) to the Secretary of State

43. Your 14, January 14, 4 p.m. On January 18 I addressed note to the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs in the sense indicated. January 23rd at an interview I intimated to him that, in the absence of some satisfactory measure by the Chinese Government, I should feel obliged to publish substance of my note.

Minister for Foreign Affairs replied that apparently the nature of the mandate pardoning Chang had been misconstrued since in it Chang had been named with others in a general amnesty to political offenders as customarily granted on the accession of a new Executive. Not having particular reference to Reimert case, it could not be regarded as a breach of faith with the American Government.

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I replied that the fact remained that the Chinese Government had promised that the charge against Chang in condition [connection] Reimert murder would be included with the other charges for investigation, and the present mandate absolved Chang from trial.

Referring to the alleged political character of the pardon, I inquired whether the Chinese Government intended that Chang should still be tried in connection with Reimert charge. Dr. Koo replied that my note had been referred to Ministry of War and he wished to defer expressing himself definitely until he had received a reply. I consented to refrain from publicity or other measure until I heard further from him.