893.74/454a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in China ( Schurman )

67. The Department has been requested by Mr. Schwerin to assure the Chinese Government that there will be no evasion on the part of the Federal Telegraph Company of Delaware in the fulfillment of its part of the contract between that Company and the Chinese Government. The Radio Corporation of America, so far as concerns its part in relation to the contract, also desires that the Chinese Government shall be assured that the Corporation has a very vital interest in seeing the terms of the contract carried out by both parties at the earliest practicable date, and states that it is greatly interested in doing everything it can to expedite the erection of the stations in China.

While the Department, for its part, is not in a position to give any guarantees on behalf of this Government, you are authorized on behalf of the Companies above mentioned to give to the Chinese Government the assurance as requested by them. In so doing you will make it plain to the Chinese Government that the Department assumes no responsibility in connection with the matter and is merely conveying the assurance at the request of the companies concerned.