861.77/3496: Telegram

The Minister in China (Schurman) to the Secretary of State

204. Press today publishes an interview with Karakhan regarding Chinese Eastern Railway of which following is summary:

“Reports from Washington show American Government is dissatisfied with China’s last note regarding railway. Hughes has evidently decided to punish China by opposing preliminary conference and has advised France not to ratify Washington treaties. At same stroke he wishes to chastise Soviet Government and has decided not to recognize it because of its evil influence on China. Soviet undisturbed well knowing there is not a single honest and reasonable American who understands interests of his country who supports short-sighted Russian policy of Hughes. Soviet has outlived many governments and will certainly without injury to itself outlive present rulers of America.

No countries but China and Soviet have anything to do with Chinese Eastern Railway and all other powers must know that we will not allow them to interfere with our own business. I do not [Page 503] care even to know to what extent their references are correct with regard to the Washington resolutions. The latter are nonexistent in our eyes and they evidently do not exist either for the powers which have signed them. At any rate as far as China is concerned things do not go further than promises and blackmailing nor does anyone seem to have any intention of carrying out these decisions.

Indignation felt in Washington at China’s action unworthy of notice. Hughes believes China owes him so much that she must accept with gratitude anything American Government may choose to give her. Hopes people will realize China no longer submissive and obedient to acts of violence at the hands of imperialism. The Chinese people well able itself see who are its enemies and who its friends. Work of imperialistic agents in China who have perfect disregard for Chinese people is itself best schooling for right understanding of China’s interests and it does not need to be supplemented by influence from Moscow.”