893.51/4708: Telegram

The Chargé in Japan ( Caffery ) to the Secretary of State

274. Department’s telegram 171, October 22, 3 p.m.35 The Minister for Foreign Affairs informs me that the Japanese Government attaches very much importance to the maintenance of the integrity of the Canton customs; but that the [apparent omission] believes that the consular corps at Canton should address another vigorous protest on the subject of [to?] the Canton Government and only in case it becomes apparent that they intend to disregard that protest should the powers take positive measures; that as a last resort the Japanese Government would be inclined to join in a naval demonstration in cooperation with the other interested powers; that however he is inclined to believe that on account of the changed situation at Peking Sun Yat-sen will probably not go ahead with his threat and seize customs. Peking informed.

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