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The Russian Financial Attaché ( Ughet ) to the Chief of the Division of Eastern European Affairs, Department of State ( Poole )

My Dear Mr. Poole: I am in receipt of the text of the arrangement with regard to the issue of Certificates of Identity to Russian refugees, adopted by the Governmental Conference convened by Dr. Nansen, High Commissioner for Russian refugees at Geneva on July 3–5, 1922, a copy of which is herewith enclosed.65

It occurred to me that in case the procedure recommended by the Conference is going to be adopted by the European Governments, we may be confronted with the case of Russian citizens bearing these certificates and presenting them to be visa’ed for entrance into this country. Therefore, I take the liberty in writing to you informally to find out what in your opinion will be the attitude of the American Government towards this arrangement. This question is of a great practical importance, as it is quite probable that many Russian refugees will exchange their present passport for these Certificates, thinking that the possession of the latter will assure the protection of the League of Nations. It seems to me that it is our duty to prevent possible misunderstandings in this matter.

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Hoping that you will appreciate the reasons for my letter and will find it possible to fulfill my request, I remain [etc.]

S. Ughet
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