893.00/5537: Telegram

The Chargé in China (Bell) to the Secretary of State

356. Presidential mandate, dated September 17, issued this morning, states that Wu Pei-fu and others have reported various hostile preparations in Manchuria, that the Fengtien troops are advancing along five routes, that it is apparent that Chang Tso-lin is thus taking advantage of the disorder in the Southeast to create a disturbance in China proper and that he must be suppressed by military force. Orders given to all commanders of troops to proceed against him. Protection of Chinese and foreign civilian life and property is ordered.

[Page 379]

Other Presidential mandates, also dated September 17th, announce appointment Wu Pei-fu as commander in chief of the forces for the suppression of the rebellion and Wang Cheng-pin, vice commander in chief; Peng Shou-hsin, second army; and Feng Yu-hsiang, third army; Tu Hsi-kwei, commander in chief of the naval forces; and Wen Shu-teh, vice commander in chief. Appointments of many lesser military officials also published.