893.00/5504: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Cunningham) to the Secretary of State

The fighting has continued intermittently since September 3rd on front running roughly from Liuho on Yangtze 33 miles from Shanghai, to Kiating, Hwangtu and Tsingpu. Apparently nearest [Page 372] point about 9 miles from Shanghai. No decisive results so far. Large numbers machine guns and considerable artillery used but practically no airplanes.

Morale both armies excellent. Reports indicate Kiangsu offensive developing on both flanks of this front with Woosung forts on left and Shanghai-Hangchow Railway and Kiangnan Arsenal on right as objective. Chekiang troops reported on the offensive west of Taihu Lake since Sunday. No reliable reports of results. Hundreds of Chekiang wounded being received in Shanghai hospital.

Combined Nanking and Fukien naval forces said to consist of two cruisers, two gunboats, four torpedo boats and two transports anchored off Liuho but so far inactive. Both Chekiang and Kiangsu naval commanders promised not to fire in Whangpoo River.

As precautionary measures only, foreign naval contingents landed at daybreak today and took up stations as did Shanghai Volunteer Corps. Approximate numbers: American 260, British 360, French 500, Japanese 400, Italian 100, Shanghai Volunteer Corps 1,000. Ships in harbor: American 11, British 4, Japanese 2, French 2, Italian 1.

Aside from financial stringency and nervousness of Chinese, conditions in Shanghai normal. Refugees arriving since August 29th at the rate of 6 to 7 thousand daily. Food supply adequate for the present. Necessary arrangements for care are being made. Chairman Municipal Council states he has no fears as to safety of foreign lives and property.