711.4216 M 58/25

The Secretary of State to the British Ambassador (Howard)

Excellency: Further reference is made to the note from your Embassy No. 130 of February 9, 1924,15 in which it was stated that the Government of the Dominion of Canada desired to send Mr. W. J. Stewart, Chief Hydrographer of the Dominion Government to be present in its behalf at hearings of a special committee of the Senate appointed to investigate the problem of a nine foot channel in the proposed waterway from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, and to the inquiry made in your note No. 256 of March 21, 1924, in regard to the date on which these hearings will be held, and whether Mr. Stewart will be at liberty to be present.

The Committee of the Senate to which reference was made in the Embassy’s note of February 9, 1924, has not held hearings during the present session of Congress or yet arranged to hold them.

I am informed by the Chairman of the Committee on Rivers and Harbors of the House of Representatives that this Committee has arranged to resume hearings on April 15, on bills dealing with the diversion of waters from Lake Michigan, the most important one, I understand, being known as the Hull Bill (H. R. 5475). The Committee desires to obtain all the information it can which will be helpful towards a correct determination of the matters which it has under consideration. It will welcome the help of all who have information of value relating to these matters, and will be glad to have Mr. Stewart attend the hearings.

Accept [etc.]

Charles E. Hughes
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