711.42157 Sa 29/106

The Secretary of State to the British Chargé ( Chilton )

Sir: The Ambassador informed me by his note No. 431 of June 3, 192210 that the Canadian Government had not had opportunity to give to the report of the International Joint Commission in regard to the St. Lawrence River improvement scheme and the accompanying report of the engineers the careful consideration which the importance of the subject merits and that on account of the magnitude of the project and the large outlay of public money involved the Canadian Government was of the opinion that it was not expedient to deal with the matter at that time.

Because of the interest which continues among the people of the United States in the project for the improvement of the St. Lawrence River, I have the honor to inquire whether the Canadian Government would now be inclined to give consideration to the matter and to enter into negotiations along the lines suggested in my note of May 17, 1922.11

Accept [etc.]

Charles E. Hughes