875.002/10: Telegram

The Minister in Albania (Grant-Smith) to the Secretary of State


56. The following Cabinet was announced the day before yesterday: Prime Minister, Fan Noli; Foreign Affairs, Suleiman Delvino; War, Colonel Kiafzezi; Finance, Gurakuchi; Interior, Colonel Shala; Public Works, Kotsuli; Justice, Vinyau.

Foreign representatives were given the announcement formally in writing. I have not answered. It is very questionable whether Peci, the one remaining regent, has legal authority to authorize the formation of a cabinet.

The Italians much desire that the present regime be given support by the admission of its legality. If this is not given they wish nevertheless that it receive the support of early recognition. Of course the British Minister, who left June 15 for London, is very much opposed to recognition. My French colleague is not inclined to admit the legality of the regime and expresses doubts regarding its stability. The Greeks and Servians may be expected to seek the overthrow of the regime, though not openly.

The present regime is a minority in the Parliament which has gained power with the help of the Army and is [not?] considered a legal government under the present constitution until it has received a vote of confidence from the reassembled Assembly or until new elections have been held. It would appear that American interests would be served by the continuance of the new regime, which is favorably inclined toward us at present and is committed against [Page 310] the pretensions of the British. Until I receive instructions I intend to refrain from any act which rightly could be construed as recognition but I shall keep up friendly though informal relations with the leaders.