722.2315/633: Telegram

The Minister in Ecuador ( Bading ) to the Secretary of State

7. Referring to Legation’s number 327, May 13, 1924, and 162, August 14, 1923.89 The following protocol has been signed by the Ecuadorean Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Peruvian Minister, preamble omitted:

  • “1st. The two Governments, with the previous assent of that of the United States of America, shall send to Washington their respective delegations to discuss there in a friendly manner the? boundary question, in order that, if they do not succeed in fixing a definite line, they may determine by common agreement the zones which each of the parties reciprocally recognize and the zone which will have to be submitted to the arbitral award of the President of the United States of America;
  • “2d. When one or the other of the above-mentioned ends is obtained, the delegations shall sign a protocol thereof which will be submitted to the approval of the Congresses of both nations;
  • “3d. The delegations must be constituted in Washington immediately after the question submitted to the arbitration of the President of the United States by the Governments of Peru and Chile has been decided. As far as the appointment of the delegates is concerned, both Governments shall have the power of appointing at any time, but in any case, the delegations should be organized at Washington within the term mentioned in this article;
  • “4th. Regardless of what is established in the preceding clauses, the two Governments, through their respective Ministers shall try to anticipate the settlement of the controversy.

“Signed in duplicate, in Quito, June 21st of the year 1924. Signed N. Clemente Ponce90 and E. Castro Oyanguren.”91

Details by mail.92

  1. Neither printed.
  2. Ecuadoran Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  3. Peruvian Minister in Ecuador.
  4. Despatch no. 356, June 30; not printed. No further action in fulfillment of the protocol was taken by the Governments of Ecuador and Peru until 1934.