Memorandum by the Secretary of State of a Conversation with the Colombian Minister (Olaya), September 18, 1924

The Minister said that a treaty had been concluded with Panama in accordance with the arrangement that had been stated in the procès verbal which had been signed through the Secretary’s mediation. The Minister left a copy of the treaty. The Minister said that this was to be submitted at once to the Colombian Congress and that he understood the Congress of Panama was now in session and he hoped that it would be submitted there promptly as he understood that they would not have another session for two years. He hoped the Secretary would use his friendly offices to have the treaty [Page 293] considered at an early date by the Panaman Congress. The Secretary said that we were gratified at the conclusion of the treaty and that it was hoped that it would be ratified at an early date. The Secretary said that he would inquire with respect to the situation in Panama.

The Minister spoke of the American Economic Mission to Colombia71 and of its success. His Government was very much pleased and important measures had resulted.

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