The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Paraguay (Southworth)

No. 247

Sir: The Department is in receipt of your confidential telegram No. 14, of June 12, 6 p.m., and your confidential despatch No. 1397, dated June 14,56 with reference to the recrudescence of the boundary dispute between Paraguay and Bolivia concerning the sovereignty over a portion of the Chaco Boreal. You state that the Bolivian Government has protested to the Paraguayan Foreign Office against the grant reported to have been made by the Government of Paraguay to Canadian Mennonites of certain land in this territory, and you add that the Chargé d’Affaires of Bolivia at Asuncion has inquired whether you would not submit to him a memorandum containing suggestions in regard to a possible intervention of the United States in this problem, which he might transmit to his Government.

The Department desires to inform you in this connection that the Government of the United States would not be willing to intervene in this boundary dispute until it is requested to do so by both of the countries in question.

I am [etc.]

Joseph C. Grew
  1. Neither printed.