811.2300/15: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Japan (Caffery)

8. Department’s 2, January 4, 3 p.m.94

Your despatch 134–E of December 14, 1923. Reference second condition imposed.

As Japanese Government has of its own accord brought up desirability of itinerary and other details being settled by Japanese military authorities and American officer detailed for that purpose, please inform Foreign Office that visit of advance officer was contemplated in order that details connected with itinerary and technical requirements of flight might be adjusted between him and Japanese officials. It would appear therefore that there has been misapprehension on part of Japanese Government as to object of officer’s visit.

Reference condition No. 3. In case Japan should make a specific request for a similar flight over United States territory this Department would be glad to recommend to the Governors of the States and to the Executive Departments administering the territories over which the flight was contemplated that permission to fly over and to land be granted to the Japanese. Department has no reason to believe that permission would not be readily accorded and all facilities extended. You will of course appreciate that because of constitutional requirements reference to appropriate state authorities is essential.

You may make such use of information contained in preceding paragraph as you deem advisable.

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