The Salvadoran Chargé (Castro) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary: I learn through the press that the Department of Labor has sent to the Committees on Immigration of the Senate and House of Representatives a bill relative to immigration which provides for the extension of the provisions concerning the quota of immigration to the American countries.

I regret that it becomes my duty to say to Your Excellency that if a measure like that contemplated were adopted, it would greatly concern my Government as it appears to be inconsistent with the special policy followed by the Government of the United States towards the other republics of America, a policy which has always manifested itself in acts which show that the relations of the United States with its sister republics are above all inspired by the strong ties of interest which are born of neighborhood. I will not fail to assure Your Excellency that I greatly indulge the hope that the contemplated measure will not be adopted insofar as it tends to restrict immigration from Salvador, which has always found the doors of the territory of the United States widely open to it.

I renew [etc.]

Héctor David Castro
  1. File translation revised.