Memorandum by the Secretary of State of a Conversation with the Italian Ambassador (Caetani), March 20, 1924


Liquor Treaty.—The Secretary referred to the request of the Ambassador to be advised in case a liquor treaty were concluded with Great Britain and stated that such a treaty had been concluded and had been approved by the Senate. The Secretary handed a copy to the Ambassador. The Secretary said that he had prepared the draft of a proposed treaty with Italy to the same effect. This was the same (with the names changed) with the exception of Article 1 and Article 4. For Article 1 of the British Treaty the Secretary had substituted in the draft treaty with Italy, in accordance with the Ambassador’s suggestion at a recent conference, the following:

“The High Contracting Parties respectively retain their rights and claims, without prejudice by reason of this agreement, with respect to the extent of their territorial jurisdiction.”

In the second paragraph of Article 4 the Secretary said he had inserted the substance of the provisions of the Convention of 1910 with Great Britain.57