The Norwegian Legation to the Department of State


The Norwegian Government is willing to negotiate a Liquor Treaty on the basis of the draft submitted by the Government of the United States, Article I being substituted by the alternative text delivered by the Secretary of State, and providing that the provisions of the Treaty be made reciprocal. The Norwegian Government prefers that instead of the rules for computation of the distance contained in Article II, Paragraph 3, there be agreed upon a [Page 174] fixed distance from the coast within which boarding of vessels etc. can take place, preferably 10 nautical miles, which is the distance established by Norwegian Law for the police activities of the customs authorities. With regard to the expenses of the Tribunal mentioned in Article IV the Norwegian Government should prefer, instead of the provisions of the draft, that the provision of Article 85 of The Hague Convention,52 according to which each Government shall bear an equal share of the expenses of the Tribunal, be adopted.

In the last paragraph of the last Article the words “in English and Norwegian language” should be inserted.