The Department of State to the Swedish Legation


Referring to the memorandum handed by the Counselor of the Swedish Legation to the Solicitor of the Department of State on May 3 last, in relation to the proposed treaty to aid in the prevention of the smuggling of intoxicating liquors into the United States, the Secretary of State begs to say:

  • First. The Government of the United States is not disposed to omit Article I but will be willing to accept as a substitute therefor the following:

    “The High Contracting Parties respectively retain their rights and claims, without prejudice by reason of this agreement, with respect to the extent of their territorial jurisdiction.”

  • Second. With respect to the other provisions of the proposed treaty, the Government of the United States desires to have the treaty conform to the draft handed to the Swedish Minister on March 20, 1924, for the reason that the provisions of the draft are those of the treaty already concluded with Great Britain.
  • Third. The treaty if concluded with the Swedish Government would be at once submitted to the Senate of the United States and, as the Senate has already approved the treaty with Great Britain, it is not expected that there would be any great delay in its action upon the treaty in question.