710/22: Telegram

The Chargé in Uruguay (Armour) to the Acting Secretary of State


31. Reference is made to the Department’s telegram of August 5, 3 p.m.3 Yesterday the Minister for Foreign Affairs showed me a telegram from the Uruguayan Minister in the United States wherein the statement was made that the Government of the United States opposed submission to the League of Nations of the Pan American League question, but that it was willing seriously to consider the question if it be proposed to the conference at Santiago. The Minister desired me to inform you that the Government of Uruguay does not intend to submit this question to Geneva. The rumor that Uruguay would do so was probably caused by the announcement that the Uruguayan delegates to the League have been instructed that should the question arise they are to explain that the Uruguayan proposal of a Pan American League is not in any way opposed to or inconsistent with the League of Nations. The Minister added that he hoped the Pan American League proposal at Santiago would be supported by the United States, as otherwise further work on details, he felt, would be useless.

In reply I stated that it seemed to me that my Government’s views were correctly represented by the last paragraph of the Uruguayan Minister’s telegram, namely, that if the proposal were presented at Santiago, it would receive the earnest consideration of the United States.

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How would the Department consider a suggestion to inform the Government of Uruguay in general terms of its attitude toward this question? I have not made any mention of the contents of the Department’s telegram of August 5, 3 p.m., for I have regarded it as sent only for the Legation’s guidance and its confidential information.

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