867.602 Ot 81/212: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the High Commissioner at Constantinople (Bristol)


207. Department has received the following telegram dated October 14 from General Goethals:47

“On my return to office from California Wednesday morning surprised to learn of Admiral Chester’s communication to Admiral Bristol.48 At conference with Admiral Chester yesterday learned that latter had come to the office during my absence, made derogatory statements concerning Kennedy, and, without knowledge of particulars, my associate thought Chester warranted in using my name as he did. Advised Chester yesterday that telegram as worded would not have been sent had I been here or had he awaited my return, for I do not repudiate Major Kennedy. He has authority to act and believe is doing so in good faith. Letter with full details will follow. George W. Goethals.”

General Goethals confirmed above telegram by letter of October 14. He requested that Department inform you of his position, and indicated that arrangements would be made for deposit which Kennedy requires.

Copy of Admiral Chester’s telegram alluded to above has been received by Department, and his attitude toward Kennedy is fully [Page 978] known. Department has also taken note of Gillespie’s despatch of September 6 to the Department of Commerce.49

In management of Ottoman-American Development Company there is disagreement between General Goethals and Clarence Chester on one hand and Admiral Chester on the other. Impossible to send definite instructions regarding attitude to be taken toward Kennedy and his activities until harmony is restored at this end and Department can learn who is properly qualified to speak for the company. As soon as matters are straightened out you will be notified. Department leaves to your discretion in the meantime the protection of American interests which in your judgment appear to be concerned.

  1. Quoted telegram not paraphrased.
  2. See telegram of Oct. 2 from the Office of Naval Intelligence to the Naval Station at Constantinople, p. 976.
  3. Not printed.