867.602 Ot 81/183

The Acting Secretary of State to Rear Admiral C. M. Chester

Sir: The receipt is acknowledged of your letter of February 8, 1922, requesting an interview with the Secretary of State on behalf of the Ottoman American Exploration Company, which is stated to have a claim to petroleum deposits in the Near East.

The Secretary of State is now absent from the Department, but upon his return your request will be called to his attention. It is suggested, however, that, in view of your conversation with the Secretary on May 24, 1921,37 a further interview would hardly seem necessary; and, accordingly, you may wish to take up with the officials of the Near Eastern Division or the Foreign Trade Adviser’s Office any new aspects of the matter which you have in mind.

I am [etc.]

Henry P. Fletcher
  1. See Department memorandum of May 24, 1921, Foreign Relations, 1921, vol. ii, p. 921.