867.4016/707a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the High Commissioner at Constantinople ( Bristol )

211. Promptly telegraph information on following points:

Has any exodus of Christian populations of Constantinople begun?
Do you consider that Christian population Constantinople would be safe after reoccupation of city by the Turks?
What guarantees do you think could be obtained from the Turks which would render their situation more secure?
What is your estimate of the number of the Christian minorities at present in territory in Anatolia under Turkish occupation?
What is your estimate of present population of eastern Thrace, exclusive of Constantinople, the proportion of Christians and the number of persons who will leave this territory previous to re-occupation by Turkey?
Department has now received mail reports through you, Consul General Horton, and Vice-Consul Barnes regarding the Smyrna fire.22 It appears that three American citizens lost their lives, that American relief workers were robbed and threatened, that American sailors guarding the International College were attacked. What action, if any, was taken by American representatives in Smyrna to protest to Turkish authorities against such acts and to prevent their recurrence?
Press reports indicate that at one moment during Smyrna fire British naval forces warned the Turkish authorities in the city that if killings continued the Turkish quarters would be bombarded. Is this correct and if so what attitude was taken by American naval forces present?
Was any American protest made to Turkish authorities Smyrna against indiscriminate killing of Armenians and apparent systematic terrorization of Greek refugees during and subsequent to fire?

Report fully and promptly.

  1. Not printed.