The British Ambassador (Geddes) to the Secretary of State

No. 625

Sir: With reference to the note which you were so good as to address to Mr. Chilton on August 8th, conveying the acceptance of the United States Government of the proposal advanced by the International Red Cross that the cost of the forthcoming commissions of investigation in Asia Minor should be defrayed by the four Governments concerned, I have the honour to inform you, on instructions from my Government, that a formal reply has now been received from the International Red Cross agreeing to despatch to the Greek and Kemalist areas of Anatolia, and to Thrace, missions capable of conducting a proper investigation. The International [Page 935] Red Cross further agree to communicate the report of these missions to the four Governments.

The International Red Cross are approaching the authorities at Athens and Angora with a view to securing the necessary facilities. They will be glad to receive the sum of £1,000 which, as stated in your note under reply, the United States Government are prepared to contribute towards the expenses of the Commissions.

I have [etc.]

A. C. Geddes