The Secretary of State to the Russian Ambassador (Bakhmeteff)

My Dear Mr. Ambassador: I have received your letter of April 28, 1922, in which you bring forward the question of your status as [Page 877] Ambassador in the United States and suggest that it may be appropriate to have this terminate in the near future, inasmuch as the liquidation and final settlement of the business of the Russian Government in the United States for which you were responsible is now practically completed, and as your continuance as Ambassador under the existing circumstances may give rise to misunderstanding.

I believe that a change in the present situation is desirable and I am glad to be able to concur in your suggestions as to how this may best be brought about.

You will continue to be recognized as Ambassador until June 30 next. After this date the custody of the property of the Russian Government in this country for which you have been responsible will be considered to vest in Mr. Serge Ughet, the Financial Attaché of the Embassy. Mr. Ughet’s diplomatic status with this Government will not be altered by the termination of your duties and he will continue to enjoy the usual diplomatic privileges and immunities.

With assurance of my high esteem and appreciating the friendly spirit in which you have dealt with all matters of interest to this Government, I am [etc.]

Charles E. Hughes