The Secretary of State to President Harding

My Dear Mr. President: I beg to send you herewith, at the request of the Russian Embassy, a letter addressed to you by Archbishop Alexander of the Russian church in America,54 enclosing an appeal from the church hierarchy on behalf of the Patriarch of the Russian church, who, it is reported, is about to be placed on trial in Moscow charged with resisting the requisition of church treasures by the Soviet authorities.

The general situation to which the appeal relates is undoubtedly one of the most important recent developments in Russia, but I do not perceive that there is anything which this Government can do in the premises.

I take the occasion to send to you also a petition, in printed form, addressed to you in connection with this same matter, by the Serbian church at Lebanon, Pennsylvania.55 A considerable number of petitions [Page 840] in the same form are now being received in the Department from various Greek Orthodox congregations. I assume that it will suffice to send you this one copy.

Faithfully yours,

Charles E. Hughes
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  2. Not found in Department files.