861.50 Am 3/9: Telegram

The Ambassador in Germany ( Houghton ) to the Acting Secretary of State


176. Your telegram No. 116. I had interview with Chicherin this afternoon. I told him that we could not entertain his reciprocity suggestion nor could we consider question of negotiations. I said we should simply like to know the attitude of the Soviet authorities, should this Government give favorable consideration to the question of sending to Russia a commission of technical experts to investigate economic conditions. Chicherin replied that he would attempt to find out by wire but that he was going to Moscow soon in any event and would there discuss the matter, which he personally viewed as being of the highest importance. He said he would promptly inform me as to the result. Chicherin added that prior to my interview with him the Moscow authorities had been informed by the Far Eastern Republic representative51a in Washington that the United States would make a proposal to the Soviet authorities regarding a commission.

  1. Boris E. Skvirsky.