550.E1 Russia/59: Telegram

The Chargé in the Netherlands (Sussdorff) to the Secretary of State


65. The non-Russian delegations, in order to protect the confiscated property of their nationals in view of the intention of the Soviet Government to grant concessions to private corporations, are discussing a proposal to make a joint agreement to be signed by the representatives of the non-Russian governments participating in the Conference here to the effect that the states signing the agreement will not give support to any of their nationals who may obtain Russian concessions containing property confiscated from the nationals of other signatory states.

The Belgian and French delegations are promoting this proposal and they have inquired of the Legation how such an agreement would be viewed by the American Government. The head of the Belgian delegation, Mr. Cattier, told me today that he would be glad to suggest to the non-Russian delegations that they extend the proposed agreement to include property Confiscated from citizens of the United States. He said that it would greatly strengthen his proposals if he could state that the American Government would reciprocate by giving an indication that on its part it would give no countenance to any arrangement whereby American citizens would endanger the vested interests in Soviet Russia held by nationals of other countries. Please instruct.