550.E1 Russia/4: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Child ) to the Secretary of State

54. Italian, Belgian, British, French and Japanese delegations considered Russian memorandum May 11. Agreed [to following] recommendations [to] First Commission without the Germans, Russians.

Russian proposal May 11 for commission experts accepted in form in annex. June 26 date of meeting.
Powers except Germany and Russia shall be invited send representative[s] to Hague June 15 for preliminary exchange views line of action by commission of experts towards the Russians. President Genoa conference requested to extend similar invitation to America if he ascertains she is willing to attend.
Representatives at Hague will elect commission charged conduct permanently a Russian commission.
Governments at preliminary meeting will intimate unless they have already done so whether willing to participate in commission. Unwillingness on the part of a government will not prevent the meeting of the commission on behalf of other governments.
If no joint recommendation can be submitted by commission’s experts within three months from June 26 or joint recommendations not accepted by governments concerned one month after date of recommendations each government at liberty make separate agreement with Russians on matters in clause 3.
Delegations recommend respective governments not recognize or support private agreements by their nationals with Russian Government affecting property previously belonging foreigners before conclusion work expert commissions or during month following their joint recommendations if any.
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Belgians and French declared would recommend their Governments adhere to these decisions.

Annex. Draft Clauses [for] Communication to Russian Delegation

1. Powers mentioned agree commission experts be appointed for further consideration outstanding differences with Russian Government and for meeting with Russian commission similarly empowered.

2. Powers represented in non-Russian commission and names members of the commission will be communicated to the Russian Government and names members Russian commission communicated other governments not later than June 20.

3. Matters treated by these commissions will comprise all outstanding questions relating to debts, private property, credits.

4. Members both commissions meet Hague June 26.

5. Commissions will endeavor to arrive joint recommendations matters clause 3.

6. To enable commissions to be conducted tranquilly and restore mutual confidence engagements will be made binding Russian Government and other participating governments refrain from acts of aggression against respective territories and refrain subversive propaganda.

Pact of non-aggression be founded on observance of existing statics quo will remain either until outstanding European frontier questions settled or definite period. Agreement against propaganda binds all signatory governments to abstain interference internal affairs other states, from supporting financially or otherwise political organizations other countries and to suppress internally fomentation acts violence other states or attempts which might disturb territorial and political status quo.