550.E1 Russia/—: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Child) to the Secretary of State


50. Although British proposal has not yet been made, I have been requested29 to submit to the American Government the following formal [informal?] invitation.

Agreement has been reached today by the Conference’s sub-commission on political affairs with respect to the suggestion for a committee of experts to be chosen by the different governments. This committee is to meet at a place to be selected by the governments concerned and will have the authority to call Russians when it is desired to secure information. It was also voted by the commission to accept the French proposal of a guarantee against separate agreements with the Soviet Government until the committee has completed its work. Only the Italian delegates made reservations on this point.

Under the circumstances, it is to be hoped that the American Government will see its way clear to accept representation on the proposed committee of experts. Such action by the American Government would be understood to involve no obligation to be represented in other European commissions or conferences of a similar nature.

In my opinion, whether it is a British or French proposal it will be a good opportunity provided there is no implied obligation to do more than advise, as it will enable us to enforce the ban on separate deals, to save much European suspicion, and to prevent ill will and the complete failure of the Conference.

  1. Apparently by Ambassador Barrère of the French delegation; see p. 809.