The Secretary of State to the Portuguese Minister (Alte)

My Dear Mr. Minister: With reference to our conversation of two weeks ago with regard to the action of a police officer in the City of Providence in hauling down the Portuguese flag flying over the Vice Consulate on February 22, I am glad to say that I have heard from the Governor of Rhode Island in the matter.

The Governor of Rhode Island tells me that the action of the police officer, which was very unfortunate, was really due to his failure to understand that the Vice Consulate had a right to display the national flag on the Consulate. The Governor tells me further that he will send his Secretary, accompanied by his Military Aides, to call on the Portuguese Vice Consul to express sincere regret on behalf of the State of Rhode Island that the incident occurred.

With this understanding of the matter in mind, I hope that you will feel that the visit of the personal representatives of the Governor may bring the incident to a close.

I am [etc.]

Charles E. Hughes