817.00/2883: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Nicaragua (Ramer)

34. Your despatch No. 93 of August 4th.4

Except in an emergency which actually threatens the safety of the Legation or the lives of members of the Legation Guard, the Legation Guard should not intervene in any internal disturbances in Nicaragua without definite instructions from the Department. For its own protection it might be proper to prevent fighting in the quarter of the city where the Guard is stationed or where the Legation is situated, or to prevent firing by rebels from the Loma into the town. Any action of this nature, however, should be taken solely for the protection of the Legation and not for the purpose of intervening in local politics. The members of the government may of course be granted asylum in the Marine camp where necessary to protect their lives but they should under no circumstances be permitted to use the Marine camp as a basis from which to conduct the government or to direct operations against revolutionists. The Department of course leaves the handling of any sudden emergency to your discretion but it desires that you should not permit the Legation Guard to intervene by force in local political affairs except where such action is unavoidable in self protection.

  1. Not printed.