381.8121—El Mamoon

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in France (whitehouse)

No. 457

Sir: With reference to your Embassy’s despatch No. 2027 of June 21, 1922, reporting that the French Government does not contemplate offering to the American protégé, Allal Ben El Mamoon, any amends for his long detention in a prison in Morocco, you are directed to address a note to the French Minister of Foreign Affairs in substance as follows:

I have the honor to bring to your attention again the case of Allal Ben El Mamoon, the American protégé who was imprisoned in Morocco pursuant to the sentence of a French court martial on May 20, 1920, and who was released in accordance with a decree of the President of the French Republic, under date of March 18, 1922.

My Government is deeply appreciative of the friendly spirit in which the French Government has considered the representations which have been made in behalf of Allal Ben El Mamoon, and, as I have already had occasion to inform you, it is gratified at the action taken by the President of the Republic. It has, however, [Page 747] learned with regret that the French Government does not contemplate offering any amends to Allal Ben El Mamoon for his long detention. It has accordingly directed me to express to you its earnest hope that you will give further consideration to the communication in which I have had the honor to set forth its views concerning the violation of American treaty rights through the action of the authorities of the Protectorate with reference to this American protégé and that the French Government will see its way clear to offer suitable amends to him.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
William Phillips