812.113/9306a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Mexico (Summerlin)

32. A Joint Resolution of Congress approved January 31, 1922 (See Congressional Record of January 18, 1922, Page 1499) repeals [Page 718] the Joint Resolution of Congress approved March 14, 1912, which was the legal basis for the Presidential Proclamation of July 12, 1919, entitled “Exportation of Arms or Munitions of War to Mexico unlawful,”69 a copy of which should be in the Embassy’s files, and renders that Proclamation ineffective. Consequently, if this Government is to continue to exercise the control heretofore maintained over shipments of arms or munitions of war to Mexico, a new proclamation will have to be issued under the provisions of the Joint Resolution approved January 31, 1922, which would declare that there exist in Mexico such conditions of domestic violence, which are or may be promoted by the use of arms or munitions of war procured from the United States, as are contemplated by the said joint resolution. The reference to the existence of conditions of domestic violence in Mexico cannot be omitted from the proclamation, and there is no other procedure by which this Government may continue to exercise control over such exportation of arms or munitions of war to Mexico.

You are therefore instructed to seek an interview with General Obregon to explain the situation fully to him and to request an expression of his views on the subject. You should inform him that this Government will meet the wishes of the Mexican authorities with respect to the embargo, terminating it or reimposing it as they may desire. You should however make it absolutely clear that the present embargo cannot be continued without the issuance of a new proclamation containing a recital similar to that contained in the Proclamation of July 12, 1919, as above referred to. Should the present Mexican authorities desire to have the embargo lifted and so inform you, no new proclamation as to Mexico will be issued and the control of shipments of this character heretofore exercised by the Department will automatically cease.