The Chief of the Division of Mexican Affairs, Department of State (Hanna) to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary: The Counselor of the Japanese Embassy called this morning and inquired as to the correctness of recent newspaper statements to the effect that early recognition of the Mexican Government by this Government is indicated by the recently published Mexican Executive Decree extending the time within which to make payment of overdue taxes on mining property. I explained to him that this Decree is one that the Mexican authorities have had under consideration for the past year and a half and that I did not understand that any special significance was to be attached to its publication at this time. To his categorical inquiry as to whether the situation had changed, I gave him a copy of your statement of last June31a with the advice that I understood it to be the last public statement of the Department in the matter.

M[atthew] E. H[anna]
  1. See telegram no. 85, June 8, 1921, to the Chargé in Mexico, Foreign Relations, 1921, vol. ii, p. 406.