711.1211/36: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Mexico ( Summerlin )

70. You will request Mr. Pani to elucidate the paragraph of his note at the bottom of page 613 of the translation accompanying your despatch 5437 of the 5th instant which reads

“The Government of Mexico sincerely believes that a similar Convention might with advantage be substituted, with the object of resuming diplomatic relations between the two countries, for any Treaty of Amity and Commerce, thought out and written in the tenor proposed by the Department of State of Washington, not only from the Mexican viewpoint, but also—and chiefly—from the American.”

You will inform him that the Department is in doubt as to whether and why he now proposes, in addition to the two original claims conventions proposed by him, a third convention which is to be substituted for the draft treaty. You will ask him to give you a frank explanation of these points.

You will also request Mr. Pani to advise you specifically as to what constitutes the political and administrative program referred to on pages 6 and 914 of the translation of his note, particularly with respect to the measures in view, to what extent the program has been carried out, and how soon it will be completed.

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