The Minister in Liberia (Hood) to the Secretary of State

No. 51

Sir: The Legation has the honor to herewith transmit for the information of the Department a Copy of a Memorandum received from the Secretary of State of the Liberian Government, when approached relative to the appointment of a Liberian representative to join with a French commissioner in the delimitation of the Franco-Liberian frontier.

The Commissioner Mr. L. C. Daves has found so many discrepancies in the names and positions, as heretofore agreed upon as [Page 637] bases from which calculations were made, it will not be possible to proceed with delimitation until correct data can be had, and this will not be available until the Boundary Commissioner has completed his work.

I have [etc.]

Solomon Porter Hood

The Liberian Secretary of State (Barclay) to the American Minister (Hood)

The Secretary of State presents his compliments to the American Minister Resident and with reference to the Legation’s intimation of February 1st, 1922, that should the Government of Liberia now approach the French Government with reference to continuing the Franco-Liberian delimitation, it was thought no difficulties would be experienced, has the honour to say that the Liberian Department of State has been advised by the Boundary Commissioner that the best interest of the Republic would not be served by urging the immediate resumption of the delimitation. The Triangulation Control which the Boundary Commissioner has been engaged in establishing has only been completed for about one-half of the length of the Franco-Liberian Frontier. Unless the whole triangulation is put in before the delimitation is resumed the Commissioner will have to depend upon the French data and maps which Mr. Daves has proven to be unreliable. The Department has therefore not yet approached the French Government on this matter. If and when any action is taken the Legation will be promptly advised.