The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Herrick)

No. 111

Sir: The Department is informed that the Liberian Government has had on the Franco-Liberian boundary for more than one year [Page 635] a qualified, fully equipped, technical expert as its representative, but the French Government has declined to proceed with the boundary delimitation in accordance with understandings on the subject between the two Governments on the ground that it was unnecessary and useless to determine any of the outstanding questions at issue until the purport of American plans in Liberia have been made manifest.26

The Government of Liberia recently requested the Department to use its good offices for the purpose of obtaining the consent of the French Government to resume and complete as soon as possible the delimitation of the Franco-Liberian boundary.

As the Department is unable to see, in the information brought to its attention, cause for delaying the work of delimitation, you will please approach the Minister for Foreign Affairs and impress him that this Government, in the interest of a final adjustment of this boundary question, would be glad to learn of the willingness of the French Government to resume and complete the demarcation at an early date.

In this connection you may also intimate that this Government earnestly hopes that the French Government will be moved by a spirit of liberality towards Liberia in reaching a settlement of boundary controversies.

Copies of correspondence addressed to the American Legation at Monrovia by the Liberian Secretary of State relative to the Franco-Liberian boundary delimitation are herewith enclosed27 for the purpose of aiding you to understand the previous steps taken in this matter.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
F. M. Dearing
  1. Statement made by President King at the Department, Oct. 29, 1921 (file no. 751.8215/176½).
  2. Not printed.